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My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can write dirty fantasies or keep you updated about my life with my blogs.

Votes Date: Oct 3rd @ 3:05pm EDT
Hello my sweet followers, thanks for keeping voting for me, especially for offline votes. They show me how im important for you and you thinking about me even when Billy is not online. XOXO to all, keep smilling
I will miss Friday and Saturday Date: Oct 22nd @ 11:43pm EDT
Thank you for this 2 weeks guys. Great time for me and (i hope) for you. I will comeback soon. Kisses and hugs!
About us Date: Oct 19th @ 9:39am EDT
Privet! :)
Everyone has certain preferences, thoughts and view of the world. It is especially hard when you don't get to express your feelings. Not everyone can be fully open to the world. However, being here, i understand - it is not necessary to change myself for someone or for someting. People who should be near me will find me. It is priceless for me to enjoy company with you, have a conversation, or this moments when im silent and you just look at me (haha). You have no idea how i appreciate your attention, and this beutiful words you tell me every day. I hope this is olny beggining of our long journey.

Billy ^_^
FIRST CONTEST WIN Date: Sep 26th @ 2:44am EDT
My first month and thinking about Date: Aug 22nd @ 4:29am EDT
Ok firstly i need to say sorry about my english. It not so good, but im sure that u can understand leitmotif.

When i came at the studio, i thought that my model skills are horrible. And it is! :D Im not a super movie star, as u can see. I want to learn, i want to be a real performer. Yes, it is my dream now. I dont talking about credits (but yeah i want to earn more as all people). I am still shying guy, and i want to be who i am. My opinion, that every human is beautiful. I want you to see me as who I am. I want to make a good atmosphere in my room, to speak with u guys. And want to see how are guys speaking between u. I'll work on it. Special greetings to my fanclub members.

Thank u for reading it message, it was productive month, i have a lot of things to improve.

Billy M.

***(Say me pls if u read this, I will be grateful)***
My guys are the best! Thank you all for joining :) we will have a lot of fun. Billy Milligan is yours :P